Juntos Podemos | Together We Can


It is with heavy heart and overwhelming grief that we once again witness the inhumanity that exists when racism, disparities and broken systems continue to afflict our communities.   We are saddened, we are angry, we are overwhelmed with grief. We cannot continue with business as usual, the status quo can no longer be good enough.
As we each search for ways to demonstrate our support for the dignity of human life, for the respect of each beautiful and imperfect person, we have to remind ourselves that we are resilient and that we are hopeful. We want to be hopeful that through our collective voices we can create the real and meaningful changes that are needed so that these injustices can no longer exist. We want to be hopeful that together we can help to heal our broken hearts, and we want to be hopeful that together we will create a better place. Juntos Podemos.


This week we once again witnessed what happens when racist rhetoric is spoken at our highest levels against immigrants and people of color. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the victims of the Atlanta shootings.

Just as we marched with our African American communities to speak against the injustices and systematic racism against black lives, we also stand with our Asian and Pacific Islander communities to say enough!

On March 16, 2021 a group of diverse local, state and community leaders came together at Asian Resources to stand together in support of each other and to stand up against attacks on our Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

We also met with our local law enforcement to discuss becoming a “Safe Place” where the community can come to report acts and crimes against them.

We will continue to work with our AAPI community to support efforts to change the current rhetoric, the current increase in violent attacks and to support the elimination of narratives that excuse racial injustices.

We each have a responsibility to ensure all our communities are honored and respected. An attack on one of our communities is an attack on us all.



“La Familia has played such a significant role in my life. The Community Health Worker program has played a major factor in my life as a student, worker, and community member.Working this internship has given me so much knowledge, everyday I witness the beauty of helping others all while I gain the tools to better my career. If I could describe my experience in one word, I would say, Growth, because not only is every day different from the last, but as an intern, I see the gratitude in the communities faces when we are able to assist them in whatever they may need. Programs like such, give the communities light. I am so thankful I am being a part of this program during this time in history, because I am able to witness the light at the end of the tunnel.”   -Maria Perez

“I am 28 years old and a single mother of two attending Sacramento State for Mechanical Engineering and am on public assistance. Prior to receiving La Familia’s assistance, I experienced a reduction in hours due to COVID-19 but did not qualify for unemployment. Due to the school closures, I also had to take time away from work to help my children with their online learning. I am thankful to The La Familia Program because they have helped me gain access to a wonderful opportunity in my career growth in manufacturing. The Manufacturing Program has taught me the skills to be able to obtain a paid internship position at ACM Machining. In my internship I’ve been able to see & be part of the manufacturing process that has motivated me to further myself in this industry. It has been a great learning experience. The job readiness program also helped me refine my job seeking skills and be better prepared for interviews and job seeking. I am thankful for this program and La Familia.”   -Nadia Cacho

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